Economy in Society: Essays in Honor of Michael J. Piore (MIT Press)

Economy in Society: Essays in Honor of Michael J. Piore (MIT Press)

[Library ebook] Economy in Society: Essays in Honor of Michael J. Piore (MIT Press)

Snippet : In Economy in Society, five prominent social scientists honor Michael J. Piore in original essays that explore key topics in Piore’s work and make significant independent contributions in their own right. Piore is distinctive for his original research that explores the interaction of social, political, and economic considerations in the labor market and in the economic development of nations and regions. The essays in this volume reflect this rigorous interdisciplinary approach to important social and economic questions.M. Diane Burton’s essay extends our understanding of internal labor markets by considering the influence of surrounding firms; Natasha Iskander builds on Piore’s theory of immigration with a study of Mexican construction workers in two cities; Suzanne Berger highlights insights from Piore’s work on technology and industrial development; Andrew Schrank takes up the theme of regulatory discretion; and Charles Sabel discusses theories of public bureaucracy.

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