The Aging Consumer: Perspectives From Psychology and Economics (Marketing and Consumer Psychology Series)

The Aging Consumer: Perspectives From Psychology and Economics (Marketing and Consumer Psychology Series)

(Mobile book) The Aging Consumer: Perspectives From Psychology and Economics (Marketing and Consumer Psychology Series)

Read Snippet : At present, about 45 million Americans are over the age of 65, and by 2020, one out of every six Americans will be 65 or older. These statistics are reflective of a worldwide phenomenon in developing and developed countries alike unrivallednbsp;since the Industrial Revolution.This edited volume, written by experts in many fields, examines the economic and psychological researchnbsp;on hownbsp;aging consumers behave, make decisions, and choose in the marketplace. The book takes stock of what is known, identifies gaps and open questions, and outlines an agenda for future research. It covers topics from the individual to the societal level of analysis.

The most problematic limb of this two part definition is mens rea. Many of the literature that has addressed this area has targeted on the definition of intention, and more importantly, the foresight of a person accused of such against the law. An example of this would be the classical illustration given in most textual content books. Here a person needs to blow up a plane. The accused contends that that was his only aim, his only intention. Nevertheless, the plane is filled with individuals on board; if the plane explodes then the folks on board will probably be killed. A persons foresight of their actions, subsequently, performs an important function. The case law on the realm of mens rea has been intensive, with a definition lastly being settled upon in a House of Lords case. (It is not in the scope of this transient article to discover the realm absolutely, although the quotation for this case is R v Woolin 1996).

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